Summertime is a time of the year when everyone wants to come home and feel the refreshing effect of having an air conditioner that cools every corner of the house. Having an air conditioning system at home is beneficial in improving comfort and giving many health benefits for the whole family. While the central airconditioning system is quite expensive and window units create a lot of unwanted noise, a split system air conditioner is ideal if you want an affordable and efficient way to cool air in your home. Plus, it doesn’t come with a whirring sound that could interrupt your work or sleep. 

Provided that here are a variety of airconditioning systems available in the market- the central air conditioner which is expensive and not practical for small, cozy homes, and the window units that are too bulky and noisy, the split system air conditioner is the perfect and practical choice for homeowners and businesses who wants to enjoy cool temperature without going beyond their budget. 

A split type is one of the most popular kinds of air conditioning systems. In this article, we will explain what is the split system AC, how it works, and the advantages of using it. 

Get to know a split system air conditioner 

A split air conditioner includes two main parts namely a compressor which is located outside, and an inside air outlet unit. The outdoor unit which is usually the louder and larger part is installed on or near the enclosed space that you want to cool. This unit contains the compressor, condenser coil, and the capillary tubing or expansion coil. While the indoor unit which is the lighter and the quieter unit holds the cooling coil, an air filter, and a long blower. 

Not like other systems that need a sequence of ductwork connected throughout the ceiling, split air conditioners depend on a set of piping and electrical cables to connect both outdoor and indoor air unit. They refer to these connections as a ductless mini-split air conditioner installation. Refrigerant is distributed through the copper pipes that move through the system in order to generate either heat or cool air. 

Modern designs of a split system air conditioning work with remote control. These are also being fitted with a heating pump facility to ensure the system can be used all year round for optimum room temperature and maximum comfort. Some system units have built-in timers and different controls that allow the user to personalize the experience. 

A single and a multi-split system

A single split system has only one indoor unit while a multi-split system has multiple indoor units that may be installed in different rooms. The multi-system is ideal for properties that need air conditioning in more than one area, or for houses or buildings that have more than one level. 

Benefits of a split air conditioning system

This kind of air conditioner system can be beneficial for a number of reasons, both for residential and commercial use:

Quiet performance

This split system allows you to have a good night’s sleep or to concentrate on your current work or project since the indoor unit is running quietly while keeping your room cool. The noisiest parts of the air conditioner such as the fan and the condenser are situated in the outdoor unit. In fact, it is possible to install the outside condensers several feet away from the room so that its buzzing sound will not disturb anyone in the house. 

Places that demand as little noise as possible such as libraries, classrooms, offices, bedrooms, and boardrooms could benefit from using this AC type.  

Ease of installation 

Setting up the unit is straightforward as there is no ductwork needed to install. If you opt to place your outdoor unit far from the house, it is possible to do that. In fact, you can even install the outdoor unit 100 feet away from the indoor. You just need a small space through the wall to let the copper tubing and the control wing pass. You may even place your outdoor unit on the flat section of your roof. Since there’s a little to no house modification needed to install the unit, this makes it very cost-efficient. 

Ease of operation 

You can operate the unit by using remote control in the comfort of your bed. The system is also very efficient and quick in cooling or heating your room. 


The indoor unit in your home has the ability to distribute air efficiently, saving on energy and money. It also provides the option of supporting electricity consumption using solar power. Thus, very convenient for people with homes equipped with solar panels. 

Ease of maintenance 

The filters are washable and only need periodic routine cleaning. The filters can be removed easily. Thus, you don’t have to call an expert in order to clean and maintain it. Also, the outdoor unit is designed in a way that is very easy to open if repair or maintenance is needed. 

Air Purification

Most split system models come with air purification feature that works to purify the air entering your house so that allergens and dust cannot circulate inside. This highlights its health-boosting benefit as it eliminates the particles that may cause headaches, eye irritation, asthma, or allergies. 

The split system air conditioner is a worthy investment

Although similar to a traditional HVAC system, this split AC system is proven to be a cost-efficient choice for homes that do not have existing ductwork. It enhances the comfort of your home while keeping the monthly utility bills lower.